Utility vehicles

In addition to primary mining machines, such as drilling and bolting rigs, anchor trucks, LHD’s and haulage trucks, other self-propelled vehicles also play an important role in modern mining and tunnel construction; those special machines are designed to perform numerous auxiliary works. The Mine Master company has cooperated with two complementary producers of this type of utility vehicles - Botswana company and GHH Fahrzeuge company.

The utility vehicles (abbreviated UV’s) of the Botswana company are primarily equipped with dedicated work platforms, among others designed for:

  • transporting people,
  • transporting of cables and wires wound on spools,
  • transporting conveyor belts,
  • performing the functions of an ambulance or medical station,
  • general purpose transport in closed and open version,
  • performing functions of portable toilets,
  • for transporting of fire protection equipment,
  • equipped with fuel dispensers or other consumable liquids.

The GHH Fahrzeuge company produces utility vehicles for performing various types of special tasks, such as:

  • transporting and mixing concrete,
  • spraying shotcrete on the excavation surface,
  • transporting materials with hydraulic cranes,
  • transporting explosives
  • And many, many more!