Mining tools

Mine Master is a provider of tools for use in mining, quarries and civil engineering works.

We provide the highest quality mining tools supplied by manufacturers recognized worldwide.

The tools offered are made from the highest quality TC and stainless steel materials. In our offer you will find button bits, which, due to the chemical composition and shape of tungsten carbide can be used in all geological conditions in mines and quarries. You will also find drill rods and shank adaptors with a superior life service.

We also offer down the hole (DTH) hammers with very good characteristics and performance of work as well as excellent durability and great reliability.



Standard quarrying tools:

  • BUTTON BITS  (fi 76mm – 127mm)
  • DTH BUTTON BITS (fi 90mm – fi 200mm)
  • DTH HAMMERS (3” – 8”)





Standard underground tools:

  • BUTON BITS - TAPERED & THREADED (fi 30 – 127mm)
  • TAPERED RODS (L-1830 – 3100mm)
  • EXTENSION RODS (L - 2400 – 4915mm)                        
  • TUNNELING RODS M/F (L - 2400 – 4310mm)
  • SHANKS ADAPTERS – for many type of rock drills


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Many years ago when the mine industry was born, the miners have mainly used primitive and very simple mining tools such as hammer and pick. Nowadays, they are only the symbols of the mines and the contemporary miners make a use of more sophisticated mining equipment that make their work easier and safer than it used to be.

At present, the equipment is mainly automatic and the most difficult as well as dangerous tasks are done by the advanced mining machines. However, the experienced miners and their skills together with sophisticated equipment are the only one team that can achieve the satisfied effect.

Our company – Mine Master is a supplier of a high quality mining tools from world’s leading producers. The tools can be used in mining, civil engineering works and quarrying. The products are made of high quality materials such as stainless steal and TC materials and they can be characterized as:

Durable – all tools are made of specially selected steel specifications, developed through a rigorous programme of research and development. They are heat treated to create the hardness, impact strength and durability required to combat the harshest conditions experienced in road construction, quarrying and mining. The tools are produced using the very latest machinery and technology, to ensure that the finished products comply with the high standards of quality expected by our customers throughout the world.

Compatible –  the supplied tools, either standard design or special purpose, can be used with most types of hydraulic brakers machines. Designed to fit all the major manufacturer’s equipment are the perfect tools for the toughest jobs for a wide range of applications.

Reliable – the sophisticated tooling can help to increase the output as well as develop mining and civil works. Nowadays, the engineers do their best to construct the devices that will reduce the people's engagement and help to increase output. Luckily, the modern mining tools are designed to provide high results with minimum miners' effort.

Safe – the mining equipment and simple solutions may save the miners' lives and help them to reduce the number of dangerous accidents on site. Unfortunately, some occurrences may cause lots of serious injuries and in some cases they can even turn out to be deadly.

What companies should consider purchasing the sophisticated mining equipment?

Our company provides various mining tools that are extremely needed at every stage of tasks related to mining industry, quarries, digging tunnels as well as various civil engineering works. Mine Master offers high excellence mining equipment that will help to increase the productivity and it is also safe and durable in the same time.

Mine Master provides the individual solutions to meet the customers' needs. We are certain that the rich offer of mining tools will help numerous companies that need to provide appropriate working conditions to their employees. Some examples of mining equipment that is available in our offer are: button bits – tapered and threaded, extension rods as well as reaming equipment. On the other hand there are also advanced tools that are perfect for quarrying output. They are following: shank adapters, tube rods and drilling pipes, DTH button bits and many more.

How to contact our company?

If you also want to improve the working conditions of your workers and increase the output feel free to contact one of our employees. We are here for you to provide the most suitable solutions that will meet the European standards, the safety of your workers as well as your finances possibilities.

Our company is located in Poland. The company's headquarters are located in Zlotoryja. However, we also provide our services in Polkowice. Need more info? Please contact: