In order to satisfy the expectations of our users, a professional group of specialists responsible for our machine servicing was created. This Service Department provides complex services for the maintenance, repair and routine equipment inspection. It is equipped with modern specialist diagnostic facilities and the technical background of the service team is continually being up-dated and enriched with new tooling, tools and service materials.

To achieve these high levels of service ability and equipment knowledge our service staff attend regular upgrading training courses carried out within the whole machine construction process.

Mine Master Ltd. pass onto their customers this thorough equipment knowledge by offering long or short term Service Contracts on their equipment.

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Every mining business has its specific operating environment. For manufacturers of mining equipment it means that they not only have to meet the local requirements by delivering the right products but also provide the right training approach to mine operators and servicemen. Training centres close to the mine operations and training on-site has become a must to keep projects moving.

Mine Master and GHH offer training programmes in every location, where their equipment is delivered. It can be either individual training, which is tailored to the needs of mine employees and it is carried out at the site and on the equipment itself, under the constant supervision of skilled technicians, or, group training, conducted in our training locations. For the moment such training is available in India, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

The site in India was inaugurated in April 2018. It is primarily used as a training centre, but it also serves as a spare parts warehouse for the surrounding mines belonging to Hindustan Zinc (HZL).  Training takes place in lecture halls and also on the job with the equipment. To this end, GHH and Mine Master have stationed several of its special mining and tunnel construction machines on site.

Learning with actual equipment is much more effective than on a simulator. This concept has already been implemented in Zimbabwe, where there has been a training centre for the region (ZIM and Zambia) for many years. Registered with the Ministry of Tertiary and Higher Education in Zimbabwe the centre offers practical training for real mining scenarios. Fully operational mechanical workshops and 23 employees with broad skills and proven experience ensure a high mechanical and mining education level. The results of the training are reported back to the mine management.

In South Africa the training is conducted in classroom for the theoretical part and hands-on for the practical part. Generally the classes are run for 12 people at a time. The maintenance and testing is broken into basic hydraulics, basic autolec, component training, fault finding, and operator training. For African companies, which are obliged to employ unskilled near-mine communities to get the right to mine, such training is absolutely crucial to be able to run the operations.

Reliable equipment, but, most of all, skilled operators and technicians, are the key to achieve the best results in present day mining. With the growing technology  and innovations in the field of mining the hands-on training close or at the location is a strategic element of a successful business.