Roof Master 1.8 AWK ATEX

Self-propelled bolting rig for operation in explosive environments

The underground bolting rig RM 1.8 AWK ATEX has been designed to perform rock bolting work in the headings with a min. height of 4.3 m and max. 7.6 m.

It is the first underground bolting machine fully certified for operation in an explosive environment. All components of the machine, including  electric and hydraulic systems, diesel engine and even tires have gone through a complicated certification process in accordance with the European Union Directive (explosion-proof ATEX) and  Russian GOST carried out by mining authority institutions.

The bolting mast has been equipped with a bolt handler, carousel type, for 8 bolts. The machine has the ability of two types of drilling. The first - drilling holes of 33 mm diameter in soft rock, up to 50 MPa - rotary type with air flushing; the second - drilling holes of 42 mm diameter in hard rocks, up to 160 MPa - rotary-percussive type with air-water mist flushing. To change the type of drilling, it is necessary to change the set-up of the machine.

A unique feature is the possibility to operate the machine from two power sources: electric network  as well as diesel engine. Both of the systems installed on the machine are ATEX certified as well, where diesel engine approval conform with 150 C. A 1000l water tank has been installed directly on the machine allowing for drilling around 120 bolts with length 1,8m while using the air-mist system (thus no additional external source of water is required).

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Technical information

Feature Unit Description
Type of machine    Roof Master 1.8 AWK ATEX
Length [mm]  13 750
Width [mm]  2 400
Tramming height [mm]  2 600
Working height [mm]  2 600
Outer turning radius [mm]  6 500
Inner turning radius [mm]  3 300
Weight [kg]  27 900
Gradeability [deg]  10
Cross-grade [deg]  5
Max. tramming speed [kph]  12
Length of bolts  [m]  1,8 / 2,5 (optionally)
Type of bolts    Mechanic / resin (optionally)
Max. bolting height [mm]  7 600
Engine   Perkins
Tramming system    Mechanical (Powershift)
Boom   B-40HD
Rock drill    Montabert HC-25 rotary-percussive/Mine Master MMF1 rotary