Production Master 2.3

Long hole drilling rig

Production Master 2.3 is a self-propelled  long hole drill rig designed for drilling parallel upholes and downholes as well as fans and rings in vertical or inclined planes. A top-hammer system gives the possibility of drilling in a range of 64-165mm holes depending on the configuration. Easy to use positioning system offers drilling in required directions. The machine has a very good stability for fast tramming even in tough road conditions. Remote control panel is included for easy operation and drilling accuracy.

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Technical information

Feature Unit Description
Type of machine   Production Master 2.3
Length depending on feeder [mm] 9 200 - 9600 
Width [mm] 2 000
Short range tramming height/Minimum tramming height [mm] 2 450/2 650
Working height depending on feeder [mm] 3 200/3 550/3 850
Weight [kg] 23 400
Outer turning radius [mm] 6 100
Inner turning radius [mm] 3 250
Gradeability [deg] 10
Cross-grade [deg] 5
Drilling table rotation [deg] 180
Feeder rotation [deg] 360
Feed dump [deg] 90 forward/25 backward
Feeder CMAC series   4/5/6 ft
Engine   Deutz
Rock drill   Montabert