Among Mine Master's specialties are also underground long-hole drilling machines - Production Masters: 2.1, 2.3, and 2.3M. All of these vehicles are designed for making long holes, even up to 32 meters. Depending on specifications, they allow for drilling long holes vertically, horizontally, and at any other required angle set by the operator of this mining equipment. The diameter of the longhole drilling ranges from 64 to 115 mm.

Thanks to Mine Master's production rigs, the position and spatial orientation of the drilled holes can be easily configured, allowing for the drilling of long horizontal holes, as well as a set of fan-arranged drills in the ceiling and walls of the excavation. With the use of a portable control panel, the operator can check and control the machine's operation instantly during drilling.

Mine Master offers long-hole production rigs in various configurations:

PM 2.1_wu on the ground

Production Master 2.1

Production Master 2.1 is a narrow vein, standard profile production drill rig for fan drilling (long hole drilling), with manual drilling rods adding, designed for working in headings of min. dimensions 3mx3m with 0,2m clearance. Minimum tramming height: 2,1m.
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PM 2.3_zdjęcie Brandglow_wersja 2_nowa kolorystyka_przezroczyste

Production Master 2.3

Production Master 2.3 is a self-propelled  long-hole drilling rig designed for drilling parallel upholes and downholes as well as fans and rings in vertical or inclined planes. A top-hammer system gives the possibility of underground drilling in a range of 64-165mm holes depending on the configuration. 
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PM 23.10M_lewy bok

Production Master 2.3M

Production Master 2.3M is a self-propelled production drill rig designed for drilling long holes in small to medium-size galleries. This underground long-hole drilling machine can drill parallel upholes and downholes, as well as fans and rings in vertical or inclined planes. Featuring a high-performance rock drill and a boom-mounted drilling unit, the PM 2.3M provides […]
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