Our Face Master 1.7LE and Roof Master 1.8KE battery driven machines have been awarded by a jury of the Polish Product of the Future competition.

The aim of the Polish Product of the Future Competition is to select and promote innovative products and technologies developed in Poland that have the potential to appear not only on the domestic but also on global market. The project is organized jointly by the Polsih Agency for Enterprise Development and the National Center for Research and Development. PARP supports the innovative and research activities of small and medium-sized enterprises, NCBR - the development of Polish research units and enterprises.

Distinction for the Mine Master in the Polish Product of the Future competition for the project "A unique set of self-propelled drilling and bolting machines with battery drive (BEV) intended for the operation and protection of workings in mines
of mineral resources and drilling tunnels" in the amount of PLN 25,000 was financed from the funds of sub-measure 2.4.1. POIR" Center for analyzes and pilot projects of new inno_LAB instruments ".

Full list of awarded projects you can find here.

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