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Roof scallng machine

A new machine for roof scalling - Roof Master 2.0SB

Recently, we had a pleasure of shipping a new, turn-key, custom designed machine – Roof Scaler 2.0SB (RS 2.0SB), which has been customized according to special requirements of a customer. The resultant output of this collaboration was this machine designed with the purpose of carrying out roof inspection and roof scaling – all with the aim of improving safety in the mine, aligning with both our customer and our core value.
machines repairs, assembly and reconditioning

Our service dpt can now expand its services

Our service department can now be proud of an additional hall to carry our its services. Thanks to the new space they will be able to expand the scope of their activites.  The new building  will be used for repairs, assembly and adjustment of both components and complete working units. The hall is equipped with a 5-tonne crane, a test station for kinematic working systems, mounting stations, wash ports and other tools that will allow for efficient reconditioning work.

GHH Group brand is born

In order to strengthen our position on international markets, our company, along with GHH in Germany and GHH Mining Machines in South Africa, has decided to set up a new brand - GHH Group. This new approach reflects the way Mine Master and the two other companies have been operating on global markets for many years now. All three manufacturers have always worked closely in the best interest of their customers, who were looking for complex mining solutions.
Covid-19 virus times

During Covid-19 times we continue to serve you

In times of global crisis, which has an impact on everyone, we keep focus on serving our customers. In order to secure your operations we continue delivering mining equipment as well as services and spare parts. We do it safe way for all employees because we all want to slow the spread. So, either it is from home or from the office our sales and service department are ready to assist you @
Jerzy Nadolny awarded the Gold Cross of Merit

Gold Cross of Merit for the General Manager of Mine Master

At the headquarters of Employers of the Republic of Poland in Warsaw, Minister Andrzej Dera - Secretary of State in the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland took part in the closing ceremony of the 30th anniversary of the Employers of Poland, during which he awarded to the General Manager of Mine Master - Jerzy Nadolny, the state award - the Golden Cross of Merit, awarded by the decision of the President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda for activities for the development and promotion of the Polish economy.
FM 1.7OR

The authors of Face Master 1.7OR drilling rig awarded

We are pleased to inform you that our company was awarded by the FSNT NOT Council of Lower Silesia and received the title "Lower Silesian Master of Technology" for the project: "Self-propelled drilling machine Face Master 1.7OR" Two innovative drilling rigs of this type equipped with an FGS operator support system and a water flush drilling system were implemented at the OYAMA mine in Estonia in 2018. The award ceremony was held on 11/12/2019 at the NOT headquarters in Wrocław.
FM 2.1 narrow vein drill rig

Face Master 2.1 drilling rig - from the show directly to the job site

Our Face Master 2.1 arrived in Almaty in Kazakhstan for the Mining Metals Central Asia exhibition. For three days the visitors had a chance to have a closer look at this machine for narrow vein drilling. After the show it goes directly to the job site in a gold mine.
Face Master 2.1 training

A proper training is crucial for excellent equipment performance

Before the equipment goes to a client we have to make sure that proper training of the service and operation crew is in place. In July two engineers from Kazakhstan learned how to maintain and operate the Face Master 2.1 drill rig, both in theory and practice. A two weeks intensive training course tailored to the needs of the customer was carried out, in order to achieve optimum equipment performance.
Foramec is our new partner in Turkey

FORAMEC is our new distributor in Turkey

We are pleased to announce that FORAMEC has become an exclusive distributor for Mine Master products in Turkey. Since 2006, FORAMEC, based in Ankara, has been supplying  machinery and equipment  to mining, heavy construction sector and energy projects not only in Turkey but also to other parts of the world. FORAMEC will handle all inquiries, sales, technical assistance and provide services to the new and existing customers of Mine Master and GHH, Germany.
Low profile drilling jumbo Face Master 1.7K

Mine Master low profile underground drilling rig Face Master 1.7 features several improvements

Based on 20 years of experience in the production of drilling rigs with hydrostatic and hydrodynamic drive Mine Master designed a new concept of a low profile underground drilling rig, the Face Master 1.7K. This rig is becoming a bestseller at KGHM copper mines as it combines the new technology and solutions used on Face Master 1.7L with the original tried and tested idea, the Face Master 1.7.