A new machine for roof scalling - Roof Master 2.0SB

Recently, we had a pleasure of shipping a new, turn-key, custom designed machine – Roof Scaler 2.0SB (RS 2.0SB), which has been customized according to special requirements of a customer. The resultant output of this collaboration was this machine designed with the purpose of carrying out roof inspection and roof scaling – all with the aim of improving safety in the mine, aligning with both our customer and our core value.

RS 2.0SB has one boom with an inspection basket (with FOPS certified canopy) allowing two people to be lifted to a height of 6,2m to visually check the condition of the roof. The  second boom has a powerful hydraulic breaker to remove broken fractions from the roof. RS 2.0SB can be used in sections of the mine with low mining height as the minimum tramming height of the machine is only 2,0m.

Operation of the booms can be either done using diesel engine or electric network depending on the conditions.

Hydraulic breaker can be controlled safely from the operator’s compartment (having FOPS certified canopy) or from outside of the machine via wireless control panel – in this scenario the operator needs to be in a safe zone guarded by laser barrier.

As per one of the requirements of the customer, the machine is equipped  with an interface, which can be connected to any supplier’s  collision avoidance system and overspeed control system - a proven solution for increasing safety during tramming. On top of that RS 2.0SB has 4 wide angle cameras and „black box” to keep all footages.