Mine Master is doing its part in Australia

This week our company is taking part in the Worthy Parts Industry Auction and Exhibition in Kalgoorlie. 

During the exhibition the Face Master 2.5 narrow vein drilling rig is on display.

The Face Master 2.5NVDR has a drilling coverage of 25 square metres and features a single head rotation boom, which can be used for cross-cutting, as well as vertical drilling. The boom comes with a dampering system and is equipped with a two-axial hydraulic actuator for increased manoeuvrability. Other features include an automated main articulation lock for stability during drilling operations and a 360 degree roll-over in both planes to enable the safe replacement of the drill bit from the operator’s compartment. The cabin itself features a hydraulically adjustable protection canopy conforming to FOPS and ROPS regulations, with lifting segment for better visibility during vertical drilling. The rig is mounted on a diesel powered articulated chassis with permanent four wheel drive and a hydrostatic tramming system that enables it to be driven at a 14 degree angle. Traction is provided via a central oscillation main pivot and water flushing by a Montabert HC 109 drifter equipped with a water box. For safety, the rig features hydrostatic brakes, with an additional brake for fail-safe emergency-parking. The rapid mine development rig comprises similar design features including the two-axial rotary actuator, 360 degree roll-over and FOPS and ROPS hydraulic canopy, but comes with two heavy duty booms, both of which are equipped with a dampering system.