LHD's and Dump Trucks

An inherent element of underground mining exploitation is the use of loaders (LHD’s) and haulage carriers for the transport of rock from the excavation face, either to the processing plant or to continuous haulage systems.

Due to the weight and volume of the transported ore, haulage vehicles must meet several high-strength parameters, while ensuring good maneuverability, reliability and low fuel consumption. These machines often determine the effectiveness of the haulage efficiency of the entire mine, hence the selection of suitable loaders and haulage trucks is very important.

In the field of distribution of LHD’s and dump trucks, Mine Master has been cooperating with a proven producer of this type of machines - GHH Fahrzeuge company for many years. Our partner company offers hauling machinery in a wide range of variants, intended for numerous types of mining conditions. For more information, please visit our partner's website:



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