Innovation in mining and production of drilling and bolting rigs - opportunity or thread?

On the 6th of March in Wrocław, took place the II Congress of Family Businesses organized by the College of Banking. One of the speakers was President Jerzy Nadolny.

During the panel devoted to innovations, participants dealt with the topic of the technological revolution and its impact on the functioning of companies, especially those whose development depends on technological progress. The discussion focused on whether these changes create opportunities or threats, and how companies can use the potential of the Internet of Things and implement new solutions to gain a competitive advantage.

President Jerzy Nadolny stressed the special importance of the Industry 4.0 in the development of drilling rigs and bolting machines for underground mining. He emphasized that with the current environmental conditions in mines, where mining requires "descending" deeper and deeper into the ground, the use of modern technologies is indispensable to meet the expectations of customers. This applies mainly to the aspects of operators’ safety, but also to the improvement of the efficiency of these machines. Without these solutions, mines would have to end the mining today, because high temperature, dust, or the presence of harmful volatile compounds would not allow safe work of people underground. Wireless data transfer, process automation or monitoring of the parameters of the machine, allow the reduction of so-called “human factor” and better use of the machines in works requiring special methods.

The technological revolution is a fact and opens new development opportunities not only in companies with advanced know-how, but also in enterprises manufacturing everyday use products. According to President Nadolny, only the imagination limits us with the current technological advances.