Face Master 2.310

Single boom drilling rig

The Face Master 2.310 single boom drill rig is designed for drilling blast holes of diameters between 41 mm and 76 mm. The unit can be used in methane-free mineral workings. Design allows effective drilling of blast holes in workings of height from 2,5m up to 6,1 m.


  • The Face Master 2.310 is a single boom face drilling rig with 50 m2 coverage and power shift four wheel drive transmission.
  • Direct controlled drilling system with anti-jamming, collaring and feed control to optimize the drilling parameters.
  • B35 boom with 1350 mm extension.
  • 14 ft F 7000 series aluminum feed with hollow stainless steel wear rails - robust design with low maintenance cost and long operation time.
  • Minimum tramming height 2.3 m with adjustable operator's seat. Total width of the machine is 2m, which is able to tram in minimum width of headings 3,2m @90 degrees.
  • Articulated carrier with four-wheel drive - excellent grade ability and fast tramming. Service and emergency / parking brakes are provided - SAHR system. Four jacks for stable set up.
  • Basic rig includes FOPS/ROPS approved operators canopy.

Electric battery version Face Master 3.210E is also available.

Following specific demands of our customers Mine Master offer different types of monitoring systems on the Face Master 2.310 underground drill rigs. The systems monitor the work of the machine and give information about its current condition. They help to diagnose the problems occurring in different systems in a prompt and very precise way. The on-line connection with the machine allows quick and professional diagnosis without losing time while waiting for qualified services. It contributes to the greater availability of the equipment.

Mine Master has in offer the following monitoring systems: Basic Monitoring System (BMS), Drilling Monitoring System (DMS), Feeder Guiding System (FGS), Bolt Counting System (BCS) and semi-automatic and full-automatic systems supporting the drilling and bolting process. Each of them can be upgraded by different functions according to individual requirements of our customers. 

Are you interested in this product? For more info please contact our sales office at: whnat@minemaster.eu