Face Master 2.3 drill rig and Production Master 2.3 long hole rig joining Mine Master fleet at Zawar region.

1 unit of Face Master 2.3 development jumbo and 1 unit of Production Master 2.3 long hole drill rig arrived safely in India.
These machines will support our partner GHH BUMI Mining Services Pvt Ltd in mine development and production at Hindustan Zinc Zawarmala mine.
After the commissioning, the machines will be joining the 11 Mine Master machines already operating in the Zawar area.

The Production Master 2.3 is a self-propelled  long hole drill rig designed for drilling parallel upholes and downholes as well as fans and rings in vertical or inclined planes. A top-hammer system gives the possibility of drilling in a range of 64-165mm holes depending on the configuration. A remote control panel is included for easy operation and drilling accuracy. The user friendly positioning system offers drilling in required directions. The rig has very good stability for fast tramming even in tough road conditions.

The Face Master 2.3 is a twin boom drilling rig intended to drill drifting face holes with diameters from 41 mm to 76 mm. The drill-off area covers about 67 m2. Both booms on the machine are equipped with telescopic feeders. The hole depth may range from 2.150 to 4.010 mm, or 2.440 to 4.310 mm with corresponding length of the drilling rod. The impact power of the hydraulic perforator is rated at 19,4 kW.  The FM 2.3 is characterised by its compact dimensions and good manoeuvrability. It comes in with an internal turning radius of 3.300 and an external turning radius of 6.650 mm. A major advantage is the robust construction of chassis, providing long service life and low maintenance costs. The machine is Diesel powered, features a permanent 4-wheel drive and an ergonomic operator´s cabin with FOPS & ROPS rating. The rig can also be equipped with a system to control working parameters with data transfer via Wi-Fi, offering many options to monitor its operations.