Face Master 2.1

Narrow vein single boom drilling rig

New generation narrow vein drill rig is designed for high performance and safety.


a) Working unit with a 2-axial rotary actuator for superior manoeuvrability

b)    360 degrees roll-over in both planes for safety replacement of drill bit from the operator’s compartment

c)     The proven design of central oscillation main pivot for excellent traction.

d)    FOPS & ROPS certified operator’s protection canopy with lifting segment for better visibility during vertical drilling

e)     Drilling coverage 30 m2 

f)     A powerful hydrostatic tramming system to drive at 14 degrees angle

g)    Dedicated automated main articulation lock for extra stability during drilling operations.


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Technical information

Feature Unit Description
Type of machine   Face Master 2.1
Length 9with 10ft feeder) [mm] 10 800
Width [mm] 1 350
Tramming height [mm] 2 100
Weight [kg] 11 950
Outer turning radius [mm] 5300
Inner turning radius [mm] 3600
Gradeability [deg] 10
Cross-grade [deg] 4
Max. tramming speed [kph] 10
No. of boom   1
Max. coverage [m2] 30
Engine   Deutz
Tramming system   Hydrodynamic
Boom   B25
Rock drill   Montabert