Face Master 1.7L

New generation mechanized drill rig for low seams with air conditioned cabin

The rig features:

  • hydraulically operated, ergonomic, “capsule” type operator’s cabin,
  • the cabin system as well as the front frame is certified for transmission of loads at kinematics 60kJ
  • front operator’s window complies with P8B according to EN-356
  • the cabin is equipped with air conditioning, which works both during transportation and with mine’s power grid of 500V
  • the cabin is also equipped with particle filter
  • additionally, hydrogen sulfide filter has been installed in the cabin in order to protect the operator against gas leaks, which often occur in KGHM’s headings,
  • working unit has been based on an already proven design of B40HD boom and Montabert’s HC109 drill, equipped with water swivel with higher resistance to the aggressive flushing
  • in order to ensure excellent traction, the rig is equipped with main pivot with double rotation joint (vertical with horizontal oscillation).Thanks to this solution it is possible to obtain very good stability during maneuvering as well as to use the rig in reduced width of headings.

Mine Master has in offer the following monitoring systems on underground drilling rigs: Basic Monitoring System (BMS), Drilling Monitoring System (DMS), Feeder Guiding System (FGS), Bolt Counting System (BCS) and semi-automatic and full-automatic systems supporting the drilling and bolting process. Each of them can be upgraded by different functions according to individual customer’s needs. The flexibility and openness for specific needs of our final customers are the main aim of Mine Master‘ strategy.

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Technical information

Feature Unit Description



 Face Master 1.7L



 12 500



 2 350

Tramming height


 1 700

Working height


 1 900



 19 500

Outer turning radius


 6 500

Inner turning radius


 3 800







Max. tramming speed



No. of boom