Face Master 1.7K

New generation mechanized drill rig for low seams with air conditioned cabin

Based on 20 years of experience in the production drilling rigs with hydrostatic and hydrodynamic drive Mine Master designed a new concept of a low profil underground drilling rig, the Face Master 1.7K. This rig is becoming a bestseller at KGHM copper mines as it combines the new technology and solutions used on Face Master 1.7L with the original tried and tested idea, the Face Master 1.7.

The rig is designed to work in heights above 1.7m and is well suited to low profile room-and-pillar operations.

Face Master 1.7 underground drilling rig is equipped with operator's compartment only. As a part of Mine Master's continuous improvement cycle, the Face Master 1.7K has got a closed cabin, which is not only air-conditioned but also equipped with the H2S filter. It gives the operator very good visibility even in lowered positions as well. 

The technical staff of the mine also points out a new design of the telescopic boom as a solution, which significantly improves the day-to-day maintenance of the rig. The patented innovative  solution allows for replacing of all wear slides in ar. 15 minutes without the need to disassemble the boom. Before the same operation took one working shift (4-5 hrs). Similarly, easy to reach electrical installation and hydraulics greatly improve the time of maintenance.

More precise and thus more effective drilling can be conducted with the Face Master 1.7K with an option of a drilling monitoring system. Mine Master can equip this underground drill rig with an easy and simple DMS system (Drilling Monitoring System) or with more advanced Feeder Guiding System (FGS). Both system are well suited for drilling in a room and pillar system. When the operator places the working unit in the face, on the reference point and at the right angle, the computer assists him to execute the desired drilling pattern. All drilling parameters are recorded on the registration box. The 24 hour operation data is transferred via WI-FI, showing the quantity of drilled holes, drilling time and the comparison of the actual drilled pattern with the desired one.

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Technical information

Feature Unit Description



 Face Master 1.7K



 14 350



 2 400

Tramming height


 1 700

Working height


 1 900



 20 900

Outer turning radius


 6 400

Inner turning radius


 3 300







Max. tramming speed



No. of boom