Roof Master 1.7

The mechanized roof bolter for low seams.

The mechanized roof bolter for low seams is designed for bolting roofs and walls in low seams (minimum height 2.0 m). The drilling system of the unit enables the operator to drill holes for bolts in rock of compressive strength Rc<= 120 MPa. Dry drilling is performed by the rotary method which has the added advantage of very efficient dust collection system. The unit is designed to install both friction and resin bolts of length 1.6 or 1.8 m by a single operator.

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Technical information

Feature Unit Description
Type of machine    Roof Master 1.7
Length [mm]  10 500
Width [mm]  2 200
Tramming height [mm]  1 720
Working height [mm]  1 720
Outer turning radius [mm]  6 000
Inner turning radius [mm]  3 600
Weight [kg]  18 000
Gradeability [deg]  15
Cross-grade [deg]  8
Max. tramming speed [kph]  12
Length of bolts  [m]  1,2 / 1,6 / 1,8
Type of bolts    Mechanic or resin
Max. bolting height [mm]  4 000
Engine    Cummins
Tramming system    Mechanical (Powershift)
Boom    J.H. Fletcher
Rock drill    rotary J.H. Fletcher