Roof Master 1.4

Low profile hydraulic roof bolter.

For many years Mine Master has been working with J.H. Fletcher on a dedicated solutions, to provide right bolting equipment to demanding mining applications. As a result of the cooperation, Mine Master is offering two types of bolters for low profile underground mining - underground rock bolting rig Roof Master 1.7 and Roof Master 1.4.

Both bolting machines can be equipped with rotary dry drilling system with dust collection, wet drilling with water flushing, and – when it is required – a rotary percussive system. In order to avoid possible rock fall hazard which could be caused by water penetrating between the layers of cracked stone formations if the water flushing system was to be used, dry drilling with dust collection will be a more suitable solution. Moreover, rotary drilling does not create as much vibration in the roof as rotary-percussive drilling, therefore bolting procedure and job is done in a much safer way.

For ultra-low seams Mine Master is offering the Roof Master 1.4. This mechanized rock bolter is designed for bolting roofs and walls at minimum height of 1,6m and max reach up to 3,0m. Maximum bolt length – 1,6m depending on the height of the seam. Bolt can be longer when it is joined with threaded couplings.

Operator controls located next to the drilling unit, enable accurate bolt installation - both mechanical or resin types. Operator's stand is located directly by the rock bolting turret and is protected by adjustable, hydraulically operated, high-strength canopy. Unit is MSHA certificated. The tooling system enables drilling of the holes 25 - 38 mm DIA. The Roof Master 1.4 underground bolting rig can be equipped with Bolting Counting System, which helps to control and monitor the bolting process in terms of the number of installed bolts, torque tightening and parameters of hydraulic system.
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Technical information

Feature Unit Description
Type of machine    Roof Master 1.4
Length [mm]  11 250
Width [mm]  2 200
Tramming height [mm]  1 400
Working height [mm]  1 800
Outer turning radius [mm]  6 200
Inner turning radius [mm]  3 260
Weight [kg]  18 400
Gradeability [deg]  15
Cross-grade [deg]  8
Max. tramming speed [kph]  10
Length of bolts  [m]  1,2
Type of bolts    Mechanic
Max. bolting height [mm]  3 300
Engine    Deutz
Tramming system    Hydrostatic
Boom    J.H. Fletcher
Rock drill    rotary J.H. Fletcher