Battery machines can make a change

Yesterday, a Business Breakfast was held at the Wrocław University of Technology under the motto "Responsible sourcing as an engine for sustainable change!". One of the topics discussed was the electrification of mining. Mine Master's representative, Mr Andrzej Czajkowski, introduced the participants to Mine Master's range of battery-powered machines and the benefits associated with their use, such as reduced gas emissions, reduced noise and increased operating efficiency. All panellists were unanimous in their opinion that electrification can have a positive impact on increasing the level of work safety in mining and increasing mining efficiency. 

We would like to thank the organisers - the Dean of the Faculty of Geoengineering, Mining and Geology - Prof. Radosław Zimroz, the Business Development Director of EIT Raw Materials - Krzysztof Kubacki, the EIT Raw Materials Coordinator at Wrocław University of Technology - Magdalena Worsa-Kozak, and the entire team of the Digital Mining Center at Wrocław University of Technology for the invitation to participate in the event.