The authors of Face Master 1.7OR drilling rig awarded

We are pleased to inform you that our company was awarded by the FSNT NOT Council of Lower Silesia and received the title "Lower Silesian Master of Technology" for the project: "Self-propelled drilling machine Face Master 1.7OR"

Two innovative drilling rigs of this type equipped with an FGS operator support system and a water flush drilling system were implemented at the OYAMA mine in Estonia in 2018.

The award ceremony was held on 11/12/2019 at the NOT headquarters in Wrocław.

The authors of this innovative project are: Lesław Ostapów, Ryszard Makuchowski, Wiesław Kaźmierczak, Mariusz Młyńczak, Wojciech Kucfir, Jacek Tokarczyk, Andrzej Dobrzański, Amadeusz Sulisz, Krzysztof Poznar.

The entire implementation of the project at the client was led from the beginning by Józef Łuka, and was completed in cooperation with his successor - Jacek Łuka.