A new year and a brand new look - with 2021 our machines are changing colors to light & dark grey. 

The introduction of the new color scheme for all our machines is a natural consequence of a partnership between Mine Master and GHH within GHH Group.

Thanks to the new visualisation our products get a fresh and more modern look and are in line with GHH loaders and dump trucks color scheme.

For detailed specifications and pricing, please contact us.


The Company

Mine Master Spółka z o.o.
Wilków, 59-500 Złotoryja
ul. Dworcowa 27

tel: +48 (76) 87 83 511

Purchasing Platform

NIP: 6940007277
PKD: 2892Z
REGON: 390234796
KRS: 0000114912

Organ Rejestrujący: Sąd Rejonowy dla Wrocławia-Fabrycznej IX Wydział Gospodarczy. Kapitał zakładowy: 27.194.700,00PLN
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