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Underground drill rigs are offered in various configurations, designed to excel in diverse mining conditions. Depending on the specifications, Mine Master underground drilling machines can be equipped with single, twin, or triple drill booms. Our underground jumbo drill machines are not only safe and highly reliable but also feature a compact and robust design, facilitating easy maintenance.

Our underground roof bolters are specialized machines crucial for securing mining workings. These versatile roof bolting machines excel in low-height settings, starting from as low as 1600 mm, and perform flawlessly in expansive excavations. Their technical precision and robust design make them the ultimate choice for all your underground mining roof bolter needs. Trust in our roof bolters for safety, stability, and efficiency.

Our underground drill rigs for long hole drilling are available with a variety of configurations, including different drifter parameters and feed lengths. Depending on the working conditions, you can choose between manual or mechanized rod handling, as well as the option of remote control systems. Our mining drill vehicles offer versatility and precision, making them the ideal choice for all your underground drilling rig needs.

Underground drill rigs and underground roof bolters come also as battery-powered electric drill machines. Our Battery electric machines are designed to support the constant industry drive towards emission reduction regulations, reduced ventilation requirements and improved performance and efficiencies.

Underground mining scalers, along with other specialized machines, now feature custom-designed, end-user-specific options to enhance their fitness-for-purpose. These mining roof scaler machines are more efficient and effective than ever, providing tailored solutions for underground mining operations.

GHH underground dump trucks and mining loaders are also in our offer. GHH LHD trucks offer the lowest cost per ton production with top-notch performance. Experience the efficiency of GHH loaders and dump trucks for underground mining

Utility vehicles are used either for temporary roof support or for carrying out mining works in order to remove cracked layers of the rock mass. These innovative solutions significantly help to reduce roof falling hazards, focusing strongly on the operator's safety.

We provide the highest quality mining tools supplied by manufacturers recognized worldwide. The tools offered are made from the highest quality TC and stainless steel materials. 

We offer comprehensive services for equipment maintenance, repairs, and routine inspections. Our service is equipped with advanced diagnostic tools, and our technical team continuously updates their skills and resources. We operate globally, so feel free to contact our support department for assistance.

Experience in manufacturing underground mining machines since 1972

Established in the 1970s, Mine Master Ltd. has been dedicated to manufacturing and servicing underground mining machines from the very beginning, specializing in rock bolting and drill rigs. Our underground vehicles are used worldwide, including countries like South Africa, Chile, and various Central Asian nations. We offer roof bolters and jumbo drills tailored to individual client needs.
As a leading mining machinery manufacturer, we take pride in our role in shaping the industry over decades. Our commitment to delivering top-notch underground drilling machines, coupled with our strong mining heritage and unwavering dedication to quality, makes us your trusted partner in the realm of mining machinery.
Mine Master Ltd. is here to meet all your mining machinery needs. Contact us today to discover how our underground machines can optimize your operations.

At Mine Master, we embrace cutting-edge technologies

At Mine Master Ltd., we embrace cutting-edge technologies.
For years, our company has consistently met our clients' expectations by equipping our mining machinery with the latest solutions. We listen to the needs of the operators working with our machines underground every day, and our engineers introduce innovative features that enhance operator safety and work efficiency. Among our recent achievements are vehicles powered by electricity and drills capable of boring holes up to 32 meters.


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