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A new year and a brand new look - with 2021 our machines are changing colors to light&dark grey.
Recently, we had a pleasure of shipping a new, turn-key, custom designed machine – Roof Scaler 2.0SB (RS 2.0SB), which has been customized according to special requirements of a customer. The resultant output of this collaboration was this machine designed with the purpose of carrying out roof inspection and roof scaling – all with the aim of improving safety in the mine, aligning with both our customer and our core value.


23. REQUEST FOR QUOTATION P3/2020/10/23 – Delivery of Installation of the Fire-extinguishing system for the ATEX self-propelled drilling machine - See here      
REQUEST FOR QUOTATION - P3/2020/10/21 - Delivery of hydraulic rotary-percussive drills for the ATEX self-propelled drilling machine - See here    

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