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We are a manufacturer of drilling and bolting rigs.

We deliver the best quality equipment that meets our customers’ needs.

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This year marks the 30th anniversary of our Company! Since the 25th of May 1993, we have been providing innovative solutions for drilling and bolting to our customers around the world. We are proud of our achievements and our contribution to the mining industry.
We support young, talented designers! We have just donated a Honda engine to the students of the PWR Racing Team Legnica student club, who are working on upgrading a racing car. The car is due to compete in the annual international 'Alumni Cup' competition in August. By participating in such projects, we have the opportunity to support young scientists in realising their passions and gaining professional experience. In the future, we hope they will join our team!  


46. Request for quotation P3/2021/09/46 -  Delivery of aluminum sections for Modern multi-purpose mining machines.  
37 - REQUEST FOR QUOTATION P3/2021/07/37 - Delivery of equipment dedicated for split-set bolt installation for self-propelled drilling machine - See here      

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